5 Sunday Vibez

Sunday is a day for rest and relaxation. Here’s a handful of songs you should check out when your vibing to your Sunday routine.


zero 7


In the Waiting Line-Zero 7-

This down tempo track will be a great addition to relaxing on a Sunday. If your into Sia, Zero 7 is a group you need to know about. She’s done some amazing music in collaboration with them.


Mr. Magic(Through the Smoke)- Amy Winehouse

One of the most unique voices in music, Amy Winehouse released her debut album ,Frank, in 2003 to critical acclaim. This soulful track will give you classic Amy, honest, bold and biting in her delivery depicting a relationship gone sour.


Sweet Life-Frank Ocean

I was late to the party on the greatness that is Channel Orange. This euphoric melody mixed with Frank Ocean’s vocals is the perfect sound to carry you into the week ahead. “Palm Trees and Pools,” ahh I wish!


Tell Me- Groove Theory

This throw back will forever and always be a R&B classic. Enough said, and if you’re into groove theory check out, Amel Larrieux. The lead singer has had a formidable solo career.

les nubi.png

Makeda- Les Nubians

This Afrocentric French duo has created one of my favorite albums of all time, their self-titled project is packed with melodies that keep you in a Sunday vibe. But keep an open mind. Warning: The song/album are entirely in French. Good thing music transcends any language barrier.



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