9 Styles for Naturalistas

So I have been natural since the 7th grade. I didn’t do the big chop like most girls. I decided to use protective styles like braids and twists until my hair grew out. It was a long process and I went through so many hair phases. I definitely like to switch it up every time I change my hair but sometimes I find myself having a lack of inspiration and I’m sure my natural girls will agree. So here are some options that have worked for me that you can try as well! Warning: you are about to witness a barrage of selfies.

Crochet Braids


Similar to weave, however, This style is done with a crochet needle that crochets an already curled piece of hair into the braid. I suggest getting Marley hair and wrapping individual pieces on rollers then dipping them in hot water so they are already curled, this avoids the hop water dipping after the hair is crochet in.

Corn rows

This style has beIMG_6153en very popular this year and girls are getting very intricate with the patterns. I kept it fairly simple here and added some gold shells for interest.

unnamed.jpgFeed In Braids

feed in.jpg

Fast Simple, and very inexpensive. Just make sure you tie it down tight with a scarf at night. You can choose to flat iron your natural hair, I did because I wanted it to lay flat, however there are several textures to choose from when matching your natural hair.

Sew-in with Closure


This was very convenient for me because I did not have to worry about putting heat on my natural hair or trying to blend it with the weave hair. I used a lace closure.I got it redone after a month because my hair began to grow out and make it lift. I would not recommend keeping it for over 6 weeks depending on your hair growth. Wet it in the morning and brush it down while blow-drying to flatten it.

Sew-In With leave Out

leave out





The other weave option allows some hair to breath while keeping the rest under tracks.









Box Braidsbraids

This is a classic style, you can go the Poetic Justice route and get them larger or small. Some like to do square patterns and zigzags and colors. Have fun with it.





2 strand twiststwists

This is done while the hair is wet, 2 strand twist small sections and then use rollers and sit under a dryer for a short, curly look.

Faux Locks



This is a relatively new craze. It is done by wrapping kanekalon hair around  a box braid that is only  partially done. Try Goddess locks for a soft romantic look.






This is always the go to default hair style your mom/dad put on you when you were little. Try Crème of Nature curl pudding or Ms. Jessie’s curly meringue to soften and stretch the hair. If you want a slick look use Eco Styler or Conditioning gel and wrap it till it dries. You’ll have the sleekest puff around.



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