Get Up!…and other encouraging words.

Seasonal sadness,

I call it sadness because its not like the debilitating effect depression has on you, but today was the first day that actually felt like fall. And I felt that twinge of drab feeling. Not that I don’t enjoy fall, i actually prefer the colder seasons. I was born in winter and love the style you can exhibit in the colder months, trench coats,boots, scarves glove bring em on! Football games, Homecoming, Holloween are all things that I associate with Fall. However it’s logical that a lack of Sun and vitamin D can cause one to be lethargic, and a little less enthusiastic. I know it’s harder for me to get out of bed and go to class when I feel the chill of the morning and it’s still overcast outside. So by recognizing these things I realize that I have to adjust my routine and make sure I’m not falling into the trap of temporary sadness. Here are some small things that can alleviate that feeling.

1-Get on an exercise plan, its known that the endorphins you feel when working out release dopamine and other feel good chemicals into your body. This can combat the lack of energy you have.

2-change up your routine, the monotony of the school/work week can get you down sometimes and make you feel like your not progressing. Switch it up and take a new ceramics or yoga class.Start creating. This will get you out of your own head and you may see things more clearly.

3-Find a Bae-Y’all know it’s cuffing season, I hope you’ve been evaluating all prospects, it’s time to Shoot ya shot.
4.-Get up early-You may already do this in your normal routine but forcing yourself up will keep a normal sleeping pattern. Oversleeping can make you lethargic and unprepared for the day ahead. Get a fresh start and drink a protein shake,pack your bag and get dressed!

5-Again, Get Dressed!-And No..leggings, fleeces and uggs don’t count. Fight the urge to just throw on what’s comfy. I mean really get dressed up makeup, hair,thigh highs the whole 9. Go the extra mile for yourself, when  you look good you feel good.


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