To Chill or Not to Chill…Thoughts on Millennial Dating


Recently I’ve noticed many of my friends and even myself have these conversations about what “we’re too grown for”. And Netflix and chill is certainly one of those things lol. Many young women my age are being propositioned by men, or maybe boys I should say, to come “chill” and basically come to their place or vice versa for a movie or to smoke and the response they’re getting is a Hell No, we’re not teens anymore take me on a date! Then again some women aren’t looking for anything serious and can appreciate chilling with a guy they could potentially like after dealing with harsh realities of adulting and responsibilities. Sometimes it’s not that serious. It’s kind of a confusing crossroads to be at on both sides. Are we devaluing ourselves and time by just allowing someone in your space without so much as a coffee date? Is Netflix and chill staying for good? What are your thoughts on this , feedback is appreciated, like and comment away…

2 thoughts on “To Chill or Not to Chill…Thoughts on Millennial Dating

  1. I have this conversation all the time. I think “Netflix n Chill” is around to stay until Netflix retires. Which is no time soon. People have probably been doing this way before it had a title and a stigma placed with it. But I also believe that we should go back to traditional dates and courting!

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  2. I feel you! I think it has always been around but now there’s like an expectation that you don’t have to take a women you’re interested out anymore in our generation and it’s kind of become the norm. It’s like a breath of fresh air when a man comes correct and not on the “let’s chill in my room” tip.

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