Is Pretty an Accomplishment?

tumblr_ohs1t0uOR71tnaufeo1_540THE LOOK

We are such visual creatures. In this digital world we live especially since Instagram blew up we put so much emphasis on physical appearance. SO much so you can make a complete career out of how you portray yourself on social media; not saying this is a new concept because models have been around forever, but it seems like being a vixen has become somewhat of a goal for women. Specifically African American women who are exhaulted on social media for having a certain body type equipped with a flat tummy and striking curves. Don’t get me wrong I believe women should celebrate their beauty and bodies and take pride in their appearance, but should that be the whole package? My qualm with that is the images we see of the ideal beauty standard are in many cases unrealistic and achieved through manipulation whether it be surgery, filters, photoshop etc. and can chip away at one’s self esteem whether you realize it or not by putting these subliminal comparisons in your mind.


Alot of these reality stars are basing their whole careers off of Instagram and hoping to be seen on more shows but where’s the substance?. And it could all be gone in an instant if something happens and people don’t see you as being so beautiful anymore. Then again I guess riding the fame wave can be very lucrative for a time, and as long as you invest in a business or something else concrete you can build something substantial. But what makes you different from every other pretty girl on Social Media? The stripper, bartender, IG vixen seems to have such a strong presence on social media and it can be entertaining, I like reality tv as much as anyone else but I am also not a young, impressionable girl. Is there enough balance?



I have to catch myself feeding into the façade of likes and followers and letting that affect my view of myself. I think alot of people can relate that It gives you a rush to know that these people are liking your image and commenting, but it also gives this fleeting feeling once it goes away and you realize these opinions are like air. Sometimes I read people’s comments just for laughs sometimes because the way girls gas each other is so hilarious and dramatic.

Should we be aspiring to do this? Are we putting too much emphasis on pretty? Are we praising the wrong things? Can we make smart, sexy again?….QTNA

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