The Urgency of Now

Recently I’ve been feeling very bogged down with trivial issues, My usual don’t sweat the small stuff attitude has been hindered by the urgency of NOW. Everything needs to be figured out and when I think it’s figured out something goes left and throws a wrench in my plans. I lay awake last night with stress, anxiety and excitement all mounting in me and I felt myself being pulled in every direction left from center. I believe part of it is my connection to technology. If I am not near my phone I find myself reaching for it every time I stretch my fingertips reach toward it and I have to stop myself. Even when it is turned off the quiet doesn’t allow me to rest and my mind swells with the noise of what could be and what I’m missing. I am not able to quiet this noise and it’s pulling me away from myself and my true consciousness. Then I think about the bigger picture and more important things people are dealing with like losing parents and other struggles of everyday life. If I focus on that then things don’t seem so bad.  Meditation can help you quiet the noise and it’s something I want to try but it doesn’t come easy. My challenge is being too apathetic or passive. Ignoring issues doesn’t solve them but sometimes one has to listen to themselves and sift through what is useful and not.

Homecoming Do’s and Dont’s


  1. Look your Best!- You never know who’s popping up on campus that week, don’t wait till Thursday to pop out because you might have already missed a photo opp with your fav celebrity and you don’t want to be caught slipping!
  2. Get your hair and nails done the week before- Stylists usually give homecoming deals and you don’t want to get your nails done too early in case they break or chip.
  3. -Buy your tickets in advance. Tickets always go up through the roof the week of the events. Whether its the club, step show, fashion show you name it.
  4. -Stock up on your HBCU gear. Sights like Etsy and Last Bison Standing have some nice original pieces that’ll have everyone asking you where you got  your fit from.
  5. Finish all your homework and assignments before Thursday- Professors usually understand that it’s homecoming week and go lighter on you but don’t expect to just blow off all your work that week. Before the festivities commence get those hard assignments out of the way or go to office hours. I guarantee you’ll be one of the few there and your professors will remember you for it.
  6. Save  Up!- You may have been turning up all year but make sure ,at least the couple of weeks before homecoming, you save up your coins because tickets are pretty steep going $40 and up.


  1. Go crazy buying club outfits because you’ll probably end up at a house party one night, or not get into the club sadly. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and be flexible, homecoming will always throw you curveballs.
  2. WEAR SKINNY HEELS TO YARDFEST- I hate to break it to you but it tends to rain over Howard’s homecoming week so do not be surprised if the ground is a little slippery. Don’t wear your best heels out there throw on some cute booties or wedges and own the yard.
  3. Get too lit to stand in line! There’s always a wait wherever you choose to go so make sure you time the pregame to not be too late, where you’re too lit and bouncers notice you and not be too early where your buzz is gone, because that’s no fun.
  4. Separate- Homecoming is a crazy time and you never know who’s coming around campus to enjoy the scenery, however it is an open campus and some people don’t come around with the best intentions, be vigilant and keep your friend’s close.





Get Up!…and other encouraging words.

Seasonal sadness,

I call it sadness because its not like the debilitating effect depression has on you, but today was the first day that actually felt like fall. And I felt that twinge of drab feeling. Not that I don’t enjoy fall, i actually prefer the colder seasons. I was born in winter and love the style you can exhibit in the colder months, trench coats,boots, scarves glove bring em on! Football games, Homecoming, Holloween are all things that I associate with Fall. However it’s logical that a lack of Sun and vitamin D can cause one to be lethargic, and a little less enthusiastic. I know it’s harder for me to get out of bed and go to class when I feel the chill of the morning and it’s still overcast outside. So by recognizing these things I realize that I have to adjust my routine and make sure I’m not falling into the trap of temporary sadness. Here are some small things that can alleviate that feeling.

1-Get on an exercise plan, its known that the endorphins you feel when working out release dopamine and other feel good chemicals into your body. This can combat the lack of energy you have.

2-change up your routine, the monotony of the school/work week can get you down sometimes and make you feel like your not progressing. Switch it up and take a new ceramics or yoga class.Start creating. This will get you out of your own head and you may see things more clearly.

3-Find a Bae-Y’all know it’s cuffing season, I hope you’ve been evaluating all prospects, it’s time to Shoot ya shot.
4.-Get up early-You may already do this in your normal routine but forcing yourself up will keep a normal sleeping pattern. Oversleeping can make you lethargic and unprepared for the day ahead. Get a fresh start and drink a protein shake,pack your bag and get dressed!

5-Again, Get Dressed!-And No..leggings, fleeces and uggs don’t count. Fight the urge to just throw on what’s comfy. I mean really get dressed up makeup, hair,thigh highs the whole 9. Go the extra mile for yourself, when  you look good you feel good.


Making Changes



untitledI have been pescatarian my entire life, meaning no meat only seafood. However after watching, you guessed it, “What the Health”, I decided to embark on a vegan lifestyle. I know it would be more challenging giving up dairy, seafood, and animal products all together, I really wanted to do it after seeing all the diseases and health issues associated with those things.Mercury levels in fish are very unpredictable and dairy creates mucus and bloating in your body. Dead animals also emit extremely high carbon dioxide levels and the mass slaughter of them damages the atmosphere. These are all things I know I do not want in my body anymore. I have struggled with weight loss as well so this could be something to help jump start that for me. A lot of diabetes and heart disease runs in my family as well and this is something that I have to take seriously. I was so gung-ho the first week, then temptations started to creep in, then cravings and convenience and before you know it I had fallen off!  Bread and carbs are a huge issue you have to look out for when becoming vegan, because those things turn into sugar which can be just as bad as processed meat and fish.  Other things to watch out for with vegan and vegetarianism are substitutes. Meat and Dairy substitutes can contain processed Soy which can increase estrogen levels in the body which can be detrimental through weight gain, hormonal changes and other issues. I believe a plant-based diet is the best option to live by but I am not the type to push this on other people because I am a work in progress myself. The biggest indicator is that I feel lighter and better when I am eating fruits, vegetables and other things that come directly from the earth. If that is how most strong animals get their nutrients nature must be trying to tell us something. There is so much to learn about this lifestyle change and it is not going to be easy but I will keep you posted on the process.

Increasing Water

I recently bought a 36oz  reusable water bottle. Now the challenge is actually using it! I’m supposed to drink a gallon a day which is 128 oz, don’t ask me how much I’ve been drinking. But that stops today!… kinda lol

Budgeting unnamed

This can be a challenging thing for me, ever sense I made my own money from my summer internship I thought I could shop and spend frivolously. Not that I don’t deserve it but it’s time to reel it in, since I’ve successfully updated my wardrobe (nods with pride)loll. I’ve realized that I am not a planner, I kind of like to do what I feel. As I’m getting older I do have to do some planning ahead. One of my biggest fears/pet peeves is having to worry about money or lack there of; it gives me this weird, suffocating feeling and its odd because I have always been very well taken care of and blessed to have hard-working comfortable parents who didn’t want me to worry about that. However as an adult Its now my responsibility to support my self more and ask for less.  So I’m making some changes with budgeting by:

  1. First, seeing how much I have.
  2. Then, subtracting any debts or future bills that are due the same month (one of my issues is waiting to long to pay for things and letting $$ sit in my account, it looks like I have more than I actually do).
  3. Then calculating my expenses ahead of time such as ubers, food, misc things like a charger, etc.
  4. Then I subtract that from my income.
  5. This is where I see my disposable income.

Side Bar: Yesterday I went to Walmart with a strict budget of $10, as I shopped I added up everything I picked up to make sure it was within that budget and it ended up being $9.60, I was so proud! lol it’s silly I know but I really stuck to my guns and felt like I was adulting smh, sadly, No more Whole Foods for me!


Or should I say lack there of. I recently created a tinder account…because I have never been much of a dater and I think its time to put myself out there. As a Capricorn(lovelovelove being one) we can be very rigid and stuck in our own routine and lives. We tend to thrive off of our alone time and introversion. This can be a great thing because we can be satisfied with ourselves and very confident. However being open to new things and people is the spice of life and we wouldn’t all be here if we weren’t supposed to have love and be with each other, I mean it seems like the cool thing to do. The issue is And if I like you,which is rare, I’m kind of obsessed. But the dilemma is those I like don’t see me, or come around late and my train has moved on! loll or those who are interested in me don’t give me that spark, but we tend to become friends if they’re good people. But I can’t force it. So I’m trying this new thing and actively putting myself out there, we’ll see how it goes. But in the mean time I’m gonna keep working on me, like Bey said “Me, Myself, and I.” And that’s more than enough to keep my hands full!

I Got Fired, and I’m Happy!

And just the other day I was worried about not having anything to write about. Lol! Life can be unexpectedly eventful. So here it is, I recently(meaning Tuesday) started working  in a customer service job for an Ecommerce company that specializes in distributing  Jewish products. My role was to take phone calls from customers and make sure their requests were recorded and sent to whoever was in charge of that category. My schedule was Tuesday,Thursday, 9-2 and all day Friday. TGIF. So on Tuesday (my first day) I came into the office. I’m saying office very loosely because it was really a warehouse/art studio space with a computer lab in the back, where we worked. I came in and there was a Jewish man at one computer, another young Caucasian women who I had gone through orientation with and next to my computer a young African American woman, lets call her M. Me and her hit it off pretty well and were exchanging pleasantries and giggling over the quarks of the other men we worked with, like the man who sat across from me who had dirty feet and slurped his food loudly! lol We noticed that their communication was always very tense and high strung, they never spoke to us in a crazy manner though. Finally my actual boss came in around 9:45-10, he was rushing around and finally introduced himself to me. From there he said he wanted me to hit the ground running taking calls and writing their information down on a spreadsheet. He was leaving town that day and had a lot to handle. So I’m thinking cool this can’t be too difficult. So here I am with no customer service training or information about how to solve any of their issues, look up orders and even really address them to answer questions. I had so many technical issues with my headset, however this one man was very sweet to me and took the time to fix things, it took 5-10 minutes. a couple of hours later the man who’d been sitting across from me finally introduced himself, I figured out today his role was a manager, let’s call him J. Then Thursday I came in again and did the same thing. Sat down got on the call center sight, had technical issues, chatted with M. etc. One thing I noticed was that every time M attempted to ask J a question about how to look up orders and actually solve issues with customers he would brush her off and say she didn’t need to deal with that even though it’s her job description. When I asked him that morning If he could teach me some quick easy things to help customers he responded with yeah, sure and never followed through. So me and M. just continued our work and chatted quietly about things we observed. M had mentioned to me that another new girl ,let’s call her N, had started yesterday and was late ,falling asleep and kind of a mess. The worst part was that J told her hiring manager everything and She.Was.Livid. Then the conversation turned to career and she very quietly told me she heard back from a position she had been waiting for forever and she was so happy, I replied saying yeah I applied for an internship too but was waiting to here back from the rep and that I would be conducting wine tastings. So today I get there early and did not have the code for the office so I waited. J showed up and let  me in asking how long I had been there blah blah blah.M and N came too. I got some coffee and started working. It was the first time I hadn’t had any technical issues, and M was basically training me and N, even though she had only been working there for 4 days. She told me to make sure my head set was charged, I closed out of all my tickets, and was showing us the order system they use. The boss was working from home that morning. Then I get a call from my hiring manager saying I need to leave the assignment now….I was super confused. Apparently the boss heard from someone that I was interviewing with other companies and got a job so I was planning to leave them. I guess someone overheard me and M talking and thought I said what she said or just lied all together,

So I get off the phone and ask to talk to J. Of course he didn’t know anything and said I should talk to the other hiring manager, S, who I had interviewed with. I spoke to her and explained what I was told and that was not something I said but apparently the boss was not budging and thought I wasn’t dedicated and blah blah blah…So I packed my shit and left. Now here are some of the reasons I was relieved.

  1. I have 2 midterms next week
  2. I have professional events to handle for my Fraternity
  3. I have a business plan due next week
  4. I go out of town next Friday
  5. Ya Girl is Stresssseedd!!!

Lessons Learned

I still left this position with a good relationship with my hiring manager S, which is always good to have in the future. However I don’t think this was the environment I wanted to be working in, it was kind of unprofessional and odd. And I believe this was  a blessing in disguise, it just freed up so much more time. Of course money is great and needed! But I am blessed to have a supportive family and just wanted to have my own extra money and structure since my schedule is pretty light. But I will be compensated for my time! But mainly I feel like this is a sign that I need to not work for anyone. I’ve always known/been taught to be an entrepreneur of some sort and I have a class that is solely about that. I have a business plan due next week and need to start thinking seriously about that. This is the second time I haven’t had the best experience with higher ups and I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something. I still wonder who told, probably J. But moral of the story is…never trust a manager with dirty feet! Lol jp, but seriously listen to that inner voice that says something is off and understand that life is on your own timing. Nobody else’s. That’s something I got from my bestfriend Ty, today’s her birthday too, perfect timing.

My first Blog!

Welcome to  my blog Introvertdventures! Follow me as I chronicle my experiences as a Senior at Howard University. I will be giving you insight into my music taste, style, and lifestyle changes I experience as well as major events going on. I like to consider myself an introvert with extroverted tendencies so this will be a mix of my inner thoughts and opinions on the world around us. Stay tuned!